The Three C’s

I have a unique philosophy when it comes to learning languages. This time around, I’ll share with you three small bits of advice that I think will help you become a more successful student:

  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Comfort

I like to say “confidence is key,” and what I mean by this is that there is no way to succeed in a language until you are confident enough to speak to a stranger on the street. This is easier said than done. How do you gain this confidence?

It needs to be built – through trial and error. You’ll make mistakes – that’s a 100% certainty. It’s going to take time – that’s another certainty. But if you don’t focus on building this confidence, there’s no way you’ll be able to become a truly fluent speaker.

The second thing we are looking at is clarity. A lot of students believe that the faster you talk, the more fluent you sound. This is not true whatsoever.  Speed is not how you determine fluency. It is better to speak slowly and clearly so that others may understand what you are saying.

Last but not least, we have to address comfort. Lingodojo can present you many different models of learning, but you have to decide the one that works for you. Feel free to combine strategies you learn from one session with another. Ultimately, you’re designing this experience and it’s up to you to find the strategy that allows you to comfortably, clearly, and confidently converse in English.


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